Student 幸福

Don’t settle for survival. Live your college years well.

College life can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a challenge. Late nights, hard work, unfamiliar situations, confusing choices—they all add up. It can be mentally and physically draining. 在巴黎人贵宾厅, we give you access to the 资源 you need to make your next four years, your best four years.

We’re here to help, no matter what you need.

As you nourish your mind with new skills and ideas, remember college is also a time to form good habits around your health and wellbeing. Our goal at 巴黎人贵宾厅 is to give you the tools to make informed choices, as well as the 资源 to stay healthy. From online self-assessments to counseling and health services, we’re here to ensure you’re at your best—even when life gets crazy.

Our student 幸福 team at 巴黎人贵宾厅 is here to help however we can.

Be You, Be Well

Our BUBeWell program is the cornerstone of a transformative, holistic student experience. You’ll grow, learn, and become the best version of yourself.

健康 Care at 巴黎人贵宾厅

When you’re not feeling your best—mentally, 情感ly, or physically—it’s hard to get the most out of the 巴黎人贵宾厅 experience. And we know that it can be hard to make time for 自我保健. When you’re on your own for the first time, it can even be a little unsettling. 巴黎人贵宾厅 University 健康 服务s is here to provide for your medical, 情感, and educational needs so you can be back to feeling like yourself as soon as possible.

授权. 受过教育的. 通知.

If you’re going to make good choices, you need good information. The staff and peer educators on the 健康 Promotion team offer several online and in-person opportunities to empower your quest for wellness, including free events and workshops, campus-wide campaigns about trending health topics, and fact-driven health information.

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Mental 健康

巴黎人贵宾厅 offers students many 资源 to support their mental health and overall well-being. Your health and safety is our primary concern. We want to make you aware of all of the 资源 that are available to assist students with their mental health and not just our counseling office.

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If you’re struggling with feelings of depression, 焦虑, or other concerning behavior, these anonymous, online screening tools can provide feedback and 资源 for more help.

工作人员 member hands flyer to student at mental wellness event on campus

Toolkits and 事件

We’ve created 巴黎人贵宾厅-specific toolkits, 资源, and events based around substance abuse, 自我保健, sexual health, 和更多的.

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Online Resources

Find reliable info about stress management, sexual health, sexual assault prevention, alcohol and drugs, and body image on these websites.